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GOODMORNING was established in 2001 and is part of LPC. We are one of the larger employment agencies in the greenhouse horticulture, food, logistics, and technical sectors. We primarily operate in the regions of Zeeland, North Brabant, South Holland, North Holland, Utrecht, and Gelderland.

Every day, we relieve over 100 clients by providing the right solutions to their labour queries. In doing so, we strive for long-term collaborations and partnerships. We do this in collaboration with our team of over 2500 motivated flex workers.

Our flex workers are recruited in one of our seven recruitment and selection offices in Poland, Romania, Spain, and Portugal, where our 22 recruitment colleagues look for the right match at client level. The flex workers are supervised and guided in the Netherlands by our team of 55 permanent staff such as employment intermediaries and support coordinators. Together with the driven team of account managers, we ensure that the client is always at the centre. A promise is a promise.

GOODMORNING has its business in order and therefore meets various certifications. For example, we are a recognised member of ABU, registered in the SNA register, and meet the SNF housing standard. We aim for perfection when assisting and guiding our flex workers. This results in optimal stability, which directly benefits our clients’ company.

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 9 corporate recruitment offices
2500 +
Motivated flex workers
2000 +
400 +
300 +
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