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International recruitment

Large representation in Europe

LPC has recruitment offices in several countries of the European Union, such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Romania. The recruitment is taken care of by our recruiters on site, usually through various campaigns and local job portals.

Every country has its own preferred channels, knowledge our recruiters possess. Before we start the recruitment process, we delve into the situation of the client, as every situation is unique.

Personal contact comes first

The perfect match, that’s our strength. Candidates are personally and meticulously guided through the entire process. We are transparent about the role, the identity of the company, information about the employment conditions and housing.

The clearer the expectations in advance are, the greater the chance of success. Every year, our international recruiters visit the Netherlands a few times to visit customers and exchange experiences with their colleagues.

Together we find the right candidate

We believe the recruitment process is about finding the right candidate for the job. Together with our extensive international network, composed of our own national offices and strong partners in Europe, we find flex workers for our clients on a daily basis. Most of our candidates come from abroad. For them, we arrange efficient transport and comfortable accommodation, aiming to keep their commute as short as possible.

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