LPC builds careers

A boost for development

Growth and development for everyone

We aim for the growth and development of our people. In doing so, we look at skills and ambitions. Within our LPC Academy, we can internally train temporary staff to become, for example, a driver, process operator, or welder.

The academy is also applicable for our clients and third parties outside the holding. We do this with the help of our special LPC platform.

Trust and confidence

In recruiting international temporary staff, we offer Dutch or English language courses, among other courses. This allows them to work with confidence and familiarity for our clients. We understand that not everyone learns in the same way. Therefore, the LPC Academy provides flexible learning opportunities – online, offline, or blended, so everyone can grow in their own way. When temporary staff are ready for a new challenge, there is always suitable work because we collectively cover a wide range of sectors.

The path to professional success

LPC offers more than just a job, we offer a career. We conduct evaluation talks with our people and discuss their ambitions and the associated opportunities. If their ambitions are not fully in line with the opportunities, we offer the chance to bridge this gap with the help of LPC Academy.

“When your goal is to impact people’s lives, you can achieve this by offering them something they don’t have yet. At LPC, we provide individuals with career opportunities, and we do this by prioritising education and development.”
Linda van Alphen, COO LPC

Together for the long term

Like us, our clients believe that a happy flex worker stays longer and performs better. Together with all companies, we facilitate career development and encourage promotion opportunities. Because we know, a happy flex worker performs better and stays longer. Many of our clients offer flex workers a direct contract upon good performance, to establish a long-term connection with them.

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