LPC finds the right candidates

A boost for recruitment

The power of collaboration

At LPC, we believe in creating long-lasting connections between businesses, clients, and workers. Finding the right candidate is at the heart of our mission and that’s our starting point.

With a comprehensive (inter)national network, our reach spans in-house offices and powerful European partners. The majority of our candidates come from abroad and for them we organise efficient transport and comfortable housing, all aimed at minimising the commute to our clients.

Our employees are at the heart of what we do

Our attention goes towards our candidates. They arrive well-prepared and informed, through multiple channels and varied content, such as corporate videos, documentation, and information.

We’re driven to meet and exceed their expectations, delivering on our promise of quality and transparency to engage commitment.

Focus on long-lasting connections

Being a flex work solutions company, LPC offers employment commitment through our sizeable network and career development opportunities. Our recruitment process is fully digital from job posting to placement. This gives our recruiters the time and space to truly engage with the individuals we recruit. With matching candidates to the workplace as a result.

Access to an extensive international network

Our international network allows us to quickly find suitable candidates for our clients.

Driven expertise in various industries

Our recruitment experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in various industries.

Customization for a perfect match and long-term connection

By working attentively together, we understand what our customers need.

We find your top talent

Find your match