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Searching for and finding – international – flexible workers and permanent employees, for clients in various sectors. That is what you are good at. That is where your strength lies. You prefer working with clients, with sales and marketing and with all the other things that make the job fun. That is how you make your company grow.

Want to go one step further, and really boost your business? Labour Power Company – LPC – makes it possible. You do what you are good at. We do the rest.


The benefits for your business

Joining LPC means progress. And you will reap the benefits. We list the main benefits.

  • You can come to us for answers to important questions. For example, we know all about Risk & Compliance, accounting administration and, of course, recruitment.
  • We help you arrange accommodation for international (flex) workers and provide on-the-job coaching.
  • You can benefit from our huge network, nationally and internationally. This network overflows with knowledge and expertise in our field.
  • We use the very best software on the market. So do you.

LPC makes a difference

Not only for our companies and clients. But also for our flexible workers. That is why we set up the LPC Academy. This Academy enables us to train staff internally so that they can develop. Both professionally and personally. We offer them a career, so they can realise their ambitions. That is how we make the difference.

In other words, we are your HR partner. Together, we build a sustainable foundation for the future.

Decisiveness. Reliability. Fun.

Think of us as your sparring partner. Your coach. We facilitate where we can, and share ideas with you about possibilities and next steps. You can also use and collaborate with our extensive network. We use each other’s strengths to get the best out of each other. In other words: you are no longer alone.

Our ambition? Not to be the biggest, but to be the best. Decisiveness and reliability play an important part in this. After all, we carry a great sense of responsibility with us. And of course we don’t forget to have fun. Sound familiar?

What will change?

Are you joining Labour Power Company? If so, this will bring the necessary changes. We build our joint future on a foundation of mutual trust. Insight and transparency are essential in this. We gather this insight through monthly reports. This keeps us abreast of the latest developments and allows us to make adjustments where necessary.

Naturally, you continue to operate independently under your own brand name. You are and will remain the one holding the reins – and the decision making power – in your hands. Very little changes for your employees as well. Good to know, right?

How does joining LPC work?

Phase 1

Getting to know you

And really getting to know you. We dive straight in. Put each other to the test. And discover whether the feeling – on both sides – is right. After that first conversation, we determine whether we want to and can grow together.

Phase 2

Getting to know your business

How is the organisation set up? Who are your clients and how do you work together? What sectors do you operate in and what does the financial picture look like? These are just some of the questions that come up at this stage. Again, honesty, reliability and flexibility are paramount
Phase 3

Proposal and rationale

Are we both enthusiastic about working together? Then you will receive a non-binding proposal from us, including detailed substantiation. Negotiations start, followed by a declaration of intent. We conclude this phase with a Due Diligence investigation and that signature. You will then be ready for the next step!

We look beyond figures

An acquisition is a business process. However, chances are that this process is accompanied by the necessary emotions. After all, you have worked passionately on your business for years. At LPC, we understand this like no other. That is why we look beyond figures. After all, the feeling has to be right too. For both parties.

Ready to boost your business?

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