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International Job Challenge specializes in recruitment and selection at the international level. In countries such as Spain and Portugal, we actively seek and connect with motivated, enthusiastic candidates aspiring to work abroad, particularly in fields like logistics, healthcare, or production. In doing so, we serve as the bridge that annually connects more than 2,000 professionals with exciting job opportunities at employers in the Netherlands and beyond.

With over 6 years of experience in Spain and Portugal, we consistently match the perfect candidate with the perfect job. Quality is at the forefront of our approach, both for the candidate and the client. In our quest for talent, we collaborate with various governmental agencies and universities.

Taking care as the top priority

The candidate is our top priority. We understand that migration can be challenging, so we assist people wherever we can. An essential part of the migration process is the administrative procedure; together, we ensure that it runs smoothly. We also provide information to the candidate about housing and transportation options.

Once in the Netherlands, the baton is passed to the local staffing agency. Because our processes are fully aligned, the labor migration unfolds seamlessly. As a result, a temporary worker can embark on their new adventure right away.

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Years of experience in Spain & Portugal
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