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Wellness beyond absence of illness

1Voud creates a healthy and vital work environment by providing insight into all factors influencing it, and thus offering a preventative comprehensive advice for sustainable companies. With a team of professionals, they proactively work to reduce sickness and absenteeism costs. 1Voud provides practical tips and tools to empower employees, ensures clear protocols, and trains companies in the latest developments.

Vitality programmes for improved productivity

Mandatory RI&E is supported in implementation, updating, and assessment to promote a healthy and safe workplace. PMOs are tailored to individual companies and carried out on-site, guiding employees towards a healthy and vital life. Vitality programmes encourage increased knowledge, awareness, and behavioural change among staff, which contributes to higher productivity and improved collaboration.

Average score of 8 for company doctor
Emergency consultations
High doctor availability
Nationwide preventive research
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