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Commute to and from work

Not every flex worker has their own means of transport in the Netherlands, with many international flex workers arriving by plane, for example. We provide transport to and from the workplace. Appropriate to the situation, we ensure transportation so that they can travel to and from work in a responsible and sustainable way.

Depending on the travel distance, we provide a (electric) company bicycle or company car. For our clients to be free of any hassles, we fully facilitate the availability and planning of the cars and bicycles.

Efficient and environmentally conscious

We value the safety of our employees. Upon onboarding new flex workers, we share the most important traffic rules for everyone’s safety. Additionally, we make sure the means of transport are always well-maintained.

Colleagues are picked up and dropped off at home daily by the flex worker who drives the car. In this way, we use our fleet as efficiently as possible and are environmentally conscious.

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