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Our partnerships are what we are dedicated to. Together with the client, we orchestrate a plan to ensure everything is taken care of. Our years of forecasting experience in different sectors allows us to efficiently manage staffing. We identify the exact needs of a company and which department is in need of attention.

We can even take over the (complete) planning of daily processes. This supports efficient scheduling of our flex workforce, and if desired, the flex workforce of other companies as well.

Planning for a positive outcome

A weekly, monthly or even annual plan contributes to the structure of the flex workers and the company. We monitor sick leave and current staff levels to determine how many people are needed where. During the process we always take into account the wishes of the client and the fluctuations during the (peak) seasons.

Consequently, we create a comprehensive work schedule, which also factors in transport and hours. With our schedules, we bring structure, making it easy for everyone to follow a comfortable and workable roster, and it helps in reducing the rate of sick leave. All adding up to a positive outcome for LPC and the client.

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