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With our in-house service, we offer bespoke solutions. Because every situation and company is different. This optional service, which is particularly suitable for large companies with numerous flex workers, assists with onboarding, administrative support, and timesheets, for example.

Our job coaches are (semi) permanently on site to support companies as much as possible and to be in direct contact with the flex workers.

Job coaches for flex workers and clients

Job coaches often speak the language of the flex workers in addition to English, which facilitates easy communication. We assist our flex workers with their arrival in The Netherlands and with the client, and we answer various questions about working and living in The Netherlands. By showing an interest in the ambitions of our flex workers, we create a connection.

This service works both ways, so we are also available for the client, to directly respond to specific questions and issues. For the sake of transparency, the in-house service is typically billed separately

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