10 October 2023

Louwman Group chooses Labour Power Company

The open-ended contract was awarded to LPC mainly because of the great advantage of one contract with one account manager and national coverage, which is fulfilled by regionally strong staffing companies. Working with migrant workers is virtually new for Louwman group, so they looked for a party that specialises in this.


All temping companies under LPC have years of experience in this and therefore know not only where to find the right people, but also how to supervise and accommodate them. Every effort is made to land people well and keep them with us for a long time.


On 21 June, the kick-off took place with stakeholders from Louwman Group and the employment agencies Job InvestHOBIJGOODMORNING BV and Duijndam Works.

About Louwman Group

Louwman Group, founded in 1923, is a Dutch family business specialising in mobility in a broad sense.


We may help fill a wide variety of positions for Louwman Group. Think of logistics employees, mechanics, welders, assembly workers, etc. A wonderful challenge that we are greatly looking forward to! Louwman Group, thank you for your trust in LPC.