8 May 2024

FC Den Bosch Werkt, a career with a blue and white edge

Job Invest – partner of Labour Power Company – and FC Den Bosch are teaming up to help supporters of the football club and jobseekers from the region find suitable jobs. By kicking off FC Den Bosch Werkt, they are connecting local companies with local talent. And they’re bound to score points with that, if you ask us. Why? Quite simply 


Love for the club 

A community-based approach to job placement that brings together local pride, passion for football and love for the club. That is the unique approach of FC Den Bosch Werkt. With vacancies in all possible areas – from receptionist to director – people will always find a job that suits them. The common denominator is in the perspective as well as the location. Together with the candidate, we look at which job – and which employer – makes the best fit. A new job is always in Den Bosch or its surroundings. Outside the regular labour market, reintegration projects are started to give everyone a chance. FC Den Bosch works can make use of Job Invest’s knowledge and expertise here, but also of its own workshop, where people with a distance to the labour market are more than welcome.  


A nice touch? Job interviews always take place at the stadium, and candidates receive a football club match shirt when signing an employment contract. “This is how we build a bridge between the world of sport and people’s professional goals”, said Kevin van Kempen, operational director of Job Invest.  

FC Den Bosch Werkt

Regional coverage 

As an employer, will you have your vacancy filled by FC Den Bosch Werkt? That way you are strengthening your local identity while at the same time supporting the club – which is close to your heart – with a financial contribution. But not only that. With some 22,000 supporters, from all layers of society, FC Den Bosch Werkt offers a wide range of potential candidates for local companies looking for regional talent. This ensures effective and efficient recruitment. What does Tommie van Alphen, general manager of FC Den Bosch, think of this?  


“The reach of the club and the strength of our logo makes the difference, while Job Invest provides the substantive knowledge and expertise to get the right person in the right place. A formula for success!” 


This partnership? A dead cert!  

From Spanish migrant workers to local FC Den Bosch supporters… This partnership shows that Labour Power Company not only invests and connects internationally, but also regionally. A dead cert, then. 


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