Working with LPC

Boost your capacity and quality?

Are you looking for enthusiastic and qualified staff to fill vacancies and increase capacity in the workplace? Labour Power Company helps you find these people! This starts with an inventory of your needs and advice on the most efficient way to staff the operation. Our network – consisting of staffing specialists at home and abroad – takes care of the implementation and ensures the right person in the right place. 

We are LPC

Labour Power Company is a unique partnership of enthusiastic labour market specialists. We combine the clout of a large multinational with the regional knowledge of local entrepreneurs. And that combination works! In fact, we have been the number one player in recruiting, selecting, and training international employees for years. In doing so, we help our customers – from various industries and all corners of the country – gain more capacity and quality in the workplace. 


Together we are stronger

Are you facing a staffing challenge? We tackle it with both hands. Whatever region or sector you are active in, we will match you with one or more of our staffing entrepreneurs with expertise and passion for your issue. Where necessary, we join forces. This will bring you – almost – endless benefits. 

Why choose Labour Power Company?

Got a minute? We’ll list the main benefits for you.


Fixed point of contact

Interested in joining our partnership? Then you can make use of the knowledge, experience and resources of our growing international network. But with one umbrella contract and one permanent contact. That means less administrative hassle. You always know where you stand. 



Extensive industry knowledge 

We operate in a variety of sectors, including construction, transport and logistics, engineering, production and industry. Our specialised recruiters therefore know exactly what is going on in your sector. This enables them to find the right candidate quickly and efficiently.



Being a good employer 

This is the heart of all of our companies. We therefore take good care of our people, go for the best possible working environment and offer advanced opportunities through our LPC Academy. This results in longer stays, higher productivity and wider employability of our flexworkers. 



Laws and regulations

We are on top of that. This allows us to respond quickly to changes and your organisation is always well preparedd. You can also be sure that all our processes – and all our companies – comply with the latest standards and guidelines, and that our certifications are up to date. 



Our international employees need accommodation in many cases. We ensure that there’s always sufficient, good quality housing available to meet this demand. Our extensive network makes it possible to find the right housing quickly and widely. 

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